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Chivalric Romance

The Court of Love

Neither is the man without the woman, nor the woman without the man, in the Lord.

Orphic Inscendence has branched out & has a new addition. It is an online community dedicated to Esoteric Romanticism, the ideals of Fedeli D'Amore, Courtly Love & everything else that can be included under the idea. From Western knights & wizards, to Arabian forbidden lovers, Christian mystics, Jewish bridegrooms, Sufi poets, Indian bhakts, Buddhas and their voluptuous consorts, and many others, we explore the concepts of Love, Man, Woman & their Union as both physical & Earthly, as well as spiritual & Heavenly realities.

Sex, love & gender, the contrasexual are generally the natural sources of conflict and antagonism, but our aim is to alchemise these into Wholeness.

For now, it is a small community on
X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram, where you are welcome to join by simply clicking on the link. There is a small library accessible to everyone there. We hope to see it grow and develop for both our personal and collective benefit. Whichever is your personal journey, political or ideological identification, religion or spiritual affiliation, if you feel called, feel free to join.

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