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The Court of Love

Neither is the man without the woman, nor the woman without the man, in the Lord.

Orphic Inscendence has branched out & has a new addition. It is an online community dedicated to Esoteric Romanticism, the ideals of Fedeli D'Amore, Courtly Love & everything else that can be included under the idea. From Western knights & wizards, to Arabian forbidden lovers, Christian mystics, Jewish bridegrooms, Sufi poets, Indian bhakts, Buddhas and their voluptuous consorts, and many others, we explore the concepts of Love, Man, Woman & their Union as both physical & Earthly, & spiritual & Heavenly realities. Sex, love & gender, the natural sources of conflict and antagonism, we aim to alchemise into Wholeness. For now, it is a small community on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram, where you are welcome to join by simply clicking on the link. There is a small library accessible to everyone there. But beyond a group, the vision is for it to transform into the modern day Court of Love - where poetry, union, romanticism & higher ideals join together to move us all into Higher Spheres.

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