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The person behind "Orphic Inscendence" is a woman who seeks to create meaning and beauty. 

With many vast interests & passion for life, love & knowledge, this website is a shrine to the fascinations I had since earliest age & this place is where I wish to explore, grow & play with them in a way that others may enjoy.

The Feminine perspective often seemed to be absent in the domain of spirituality & my hope is to be able to bring the secrets of the Goddess for the seekers to explore - from her gentle & illuminating forms, to her fierce, opaque & severe aspects.

Whether you are a man or a woman who is curious about these mysteries, you are welcome to explore them with me. The posts here aren't meant to be a philosophy or an intellectual system, but rather a collection of reflections, meditations, imaginative intuitions, so please do not feel as if you are supposed to be convinced of anything as you read the texts, but rather invited to explore the Depths of both the world & yourself.


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Seeker of Meaning
Lover of the Sacred

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