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The Nocturne

"Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom" (Detail), Ilya Repin (5 August 1844 – 29 September 1930), Russian

The Night was deep, perfumed with jasmine and myrrh. The white of the night blossoming flowers & the myrrh rose from the places unknown, perhaps from the Heavens or from the Sands. The mind & the body, the entire of Being of the Swimmer were simultaneously hypnotised by the dream and invigorated by the dark & brisk earthiness. With an eye intoxicated, unfocused & gazing at nothing, rotated fully inwards, and with a body longing for its depths & its legacy, the Swimmer walked towards the Darkness ahead of him. And the Moon was young, and the jasmine blossomed & the Sands smelled of myrrh.

The Sea urchins attached to his feet — intoxicated with the Night, he was immune to pain they caused. The blood from the soles of his feet & fingers rose up to create the red crescents & mandalas all around him. The sea grasses wrapped around his limbs to pull him deeper. He offered them to them without resistance. An indifferent amusement shone in his eye. The deeper he moved, the more focused his gaze became & still — the sea urchins bothered him not & the grasses didn’t disturb. him.

The Sea’s darkness intensified, the myrrh from the sands was even more potent in the dark. He breathed it in without fear, with a gaze focused & with a smug expression on his face.

Deep enough, the Sea was veiled in colour — there were open shells & the colourful grasses, and stones, and fish, and sea urchins with long needles.

The Depths didn’t hurt me & my breath wasn’t taken away from me. The Salt didn’t burn my eye & the Waters didn’t melt my flesh away. My Eye still sees, I take from the myrrh, intoxicated & awake. I must be a chosen one. ” — The Swimmer thought as he moved through the Night.

Out & above the Dawn was breaking, but here in the Depths, no ray of the Sun came. He was unaware of the events on the surface - of the citizens washing off their faces the remains of the Night, of checking their schedules & making sure they follow protocols, of their driving on the right side & respect of the signs. He thought: “I am free from the Reign of the Day & its oppression, free from my Name & Last Name, free from my Tribe, and from having to wash away the Night from my face.

The feeling of Freedom took over his Heart. It began to expand & spread, until it took over his entire being. The Sea & its creatures took notice of him & looked towards the Swimmer. They too wanted to be free & to join the intoxicated Dance of Freedom.

As the Dance moved, creating the whirlwinds in the Depth, it summoned another Swimmer. Her hair was lush & the breast full, and the mount above her crevice promised a fullfilment of a Dream. And with the eye as sharp as arrow, he moved towards her & took her in his embrace. Her thighs wrapped around him as if she didn’t want to leave out any part of him outside of her. They spoke no words, for the Depth said: “Language is an ancient pollutant, it cannot come between you”. And the sea urchins sang & the grasses moved to their melody.

Not having washed off the Night, the good citizens called them mad & looked at them in wonder. The Swimmers giggled. The Night kept their secret.


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