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General Consultation

General Consultation


General consultation is a personalised correspondence via e-mail that seeks to address your question, issue or concern. My advice & consultation are based on my own methods that have been curated & created through my own studying & insight. I combine the knowledge & wisdom provided by spiritual traditions, psychoanalysis & my own experience. If you resonate with them & if you found the advice & analysis I post publicly insightful & helpful, you will likely benefit from it.

A response to your question will be first sent in the form of a beautifully & individually designed PDF file, taking into consideration the nature of your question. The PDF file will include the overlook of your concern & offer different angles & perspectives from which to view it, practices & practical measures that can be useful in helping you, journaling prompts, as well as a reading list and recommendation of resources that can be helpful to you.

After you receive your main file, and if you find it that you need more clarifications or have additional questions that are relevant to your original one, you are free to do so & send a response. The consultation is imagined as a personalised correspondance rather a simple "Q&A". Once the correspondence is complete, all the advice, including the content in the initial PDF, will also be delivered in an audio file. 

After you complete the purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a PDF file that shall provide you with all the instructions on what to do in order to make the experience smooth & easy. I will also reach out to you as soon as I take notice of your purchase. Since this is an e-mail correspondence, please make sure you have a working e-mail address. Check the spam inbox. If you have any issues with payments or e-mail, please do reach out. 

Please also note that this is not a replacement for therapy & that there is no scientific, data-proof that the methods & advice I offer are granted to work with all individuals.

You must be 18+ in order to send a question. If you are younger, please ensure you have a written permit of your parent or a guardian.

  • Refunds

    Due to the nature of this service, it is not possible to offer refund policy that would ensure the genuinely of the claim. However, it is possible to cancel your request up to 24 hours after the purchase. 

    Because of this, please make sure you are that you compatible with my approach & system by reading posts, following me on social media or perhaps joining my Patreon. If you resonate with my work, you will likely resonate with my approach here.

  • How long do I wait for the response?

    Since responses are detailed & comprehensive, it may take a few days to get a response, depending on how busy the season is. However, it shouldn't take longer than 10 days for it to come. If due to special circumstances (illness, accident, holidays etc), I am unable to do it within the mentioned time period, I shall inform beforehand. 

  • Student Discount

    If you are a high school or university student, and if you feel that the price is too high, feel free to send me an ID or another valid proof of your student status & I will give you a 50% discount on your purchase. If you think you are eligible for it, send an e-mail before making a purchase on the website, so I can give you the discount. 

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